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Multiple Providers Means You Win! We have the power and freedom to check with multiple providers so we can find you the best insurance plans for the lowest possible rates.
"Working Hard For You!"

As an independent agent we can work hard to seek YOUR best interest, and still get paid.  It's not just our slogan, it's how we work!

A Local Firm that's Truly Local Everything about Wrangler is truly local.  We know and love this area, and our company is a local company with a local reputation to uphold.

Imagine: More Money & More Protection

Thank You For Taking A Look At Wrangler!

Here at Wrangler Insurance, we strive to provide first class coverage for the best possible price.   We provide  car and auto insurance, health insurance, home insurancerenters insurancelife insurance, business insurance, crop insurance, workers comp and farm insurance.  We will find the perfect balance between coverage and savings to meet your needs. Wrangler Insurance agency serves the entire Magic Valley including Burley, Rupert, Paul, Heyburn, Twin Falls and surrounding areas.

Why choose us over our competitors?

  • Free from the control of corporate interests
  • Not tied to a single provider
  • More options for you to choose from
  • Locally owned, we know the needs of our area
  • Trained and experienced agents for more than 100 years

Curious as to the money we can save you?  Contact us today, or submit your information for a free insurance quote.